Who we are

Since 1964 we have never stopped imagining.

Giacomo Sabadini with his brother Gianni founded the Officine Meccaniche Sabadini in 1964 in the industrial and artisan center of Lumezzane.

Mario Sabadini joined the company in 1982 and took over the leadership in 1996.

Since 2005 we have been based in Zanano di Sarezzo, a world-renowned mechanical district.

" There are no unrealizable projects,
everything you can imagine is real. "
Stampi fusione delle Officine Meccaniche Sabadini

What do we do

Our products are used in the most diverse sectors: automotive, household appliances, naval, industrial.

We design and make tools for shell-molds casting and equipment for transfer machines. We do internally both the phases, the designing and the technical making.

The 3 and 5-axis machining centers allow an infinite number of processes, thus allowing us to produce even extremely complex components with a single set-up.

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How we work

If a piece is difficult
you have to rely on Sabadini.

Continuous innovation

Our work requires the care, competence and experience of craftsmanship, but also the reliability, precision and mechanization of the industrialized.


Constant research

Research of the avant-garde, of the quality in the processes, of top materials and always new technologies. Of improvement.


What is quality?

Quality is an investment.

How much does a machine stop cost because the tool was not perfect?
The Sabadini quality guarantee is included in our quote: honesty, reliability, competence and commitment.

Quality is competence.

The production process is followed by expert and specifically trained professionals, as well as by careful and scrupulous control plans.

Quality is undeniable precision.

Our tools are certified by Zeiss three-dimensional measurement.